Tuesday, June 26, 2018

I still have access to this?

Oh, its connected to my google account? Neat. 

Shit maybe I'll get back into traditional blogging.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Robsten - Swingers?

Rob was seen the other day, woohoo.. whatever.

wtf is Avalon Swingers? Swingers... Oh!

Rob & Kstew are swingers! which explain all the gay rumors.

Ok here is what I think what really happened.

Robsten the Director and his wife hooked up! Prolly more then once.

Kstew and the Director decided to met up secretly to "talk". The Director got a little frisky, Kstew did so as well. Stuff happen, pictures taken, etc.

They didn't actually cheat, but then again they kind of did. They broke the rules of Swinging. Getting involved is a big no-no.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Robsten PDA?

The flood of pix of Kstew and this Rupert guy getting it on in the park is astounding and makes you wonder.

Why have we never ever in all the past years seen anything close to this level of PDA from "Robsten"? 

A few pics of them hand holding and thats pretty much the most of it.

I wonder?

Kristen Stewart Cant hide

They didn't even attempt to hide it.

Telescopic lenses or not they had to known that the odds of them getting caught where really fucking high! 

Ugh.. still their public statements on the matter was total bs especially the "we only kissed" statement.

Kristen Stewart Dry humpt

They only kissed!!
And did a little dry humping.. So what?

Kristen Stewart - Kiss no Sex!

Latest info.

Kristen Stewart only kissed Rupert, They didn't have sex.

Kristen Stewart, I'm so mad!

I am so mad!

The reason for my anger is simply this.

People believe everything they read as 100% fact.

I however have doubt. I highly doubt that these statements issued by both Kstew and Rupert are indeed from them.

As far as I can remember Kstew refuses to disclose anything about her personal life. Her personal life is her's to keep. -Stated Kstew in an actual interview.

So why all of a sudden would Kstew make such a personal mushy public statement of an apology?

One can say that it was her PR firm or pressure from Rupert in an attempt to save his marriage. But that's simply bullshit.

First no PR firm is this stupid. Second no cheating married man is this dumb either.

The timing if the statements are to ridiculously close to the timing of the first few pictures that where leaked. There was no time for fan's to react other then act out their disbelief.

Kstew and any PR firm would had waited for the fans reaction first before issuing any public statement.

GossipCop use to be the place to go for the truth and for the most part they still are, but not here, not on this subject. People is clearly pulling the strings here.